Database engines in mysql


Posted on 21 May 15 by Vickey

Here is the list of database engines supported by mysql









InnoDB is the defualt storage engine in version 5.5 before version 5.5 MyISAM was default engine

MyISAM:The table size limit of Myisam engine is 256TB. On startup MySQL inspections MyISAM tables pertaining to corruption as well as mend all of them in the event of mistakes.MyIsam engine does not support transactions.mostly this is used in Web, data warehousing.

InnoDB: This engine support transactions and it support crash recuperation in addition to multi-version concurrency control. This engine engine provides foreign key referential integrity constraint.The table size limit of InnoDB engine is 64TB.

Memory:This engine also known as heap.This engine create tables on memory and the lifetime of tables depends on server and when server restarted data lost because it creates temporary tables for quick lookups

CSV:In this engine data store in a csv file. This is very flexible in this format data is easily integrated with other applications.This engine does not support null data type

Merge:This engine combine multiple tables which have same structure. This is known as MRG_MyISAM.By using merge table we can increase speed by joining multiple tables.It allow only select update insert delete operations on merge table. if you use drop table then this will remove only merge specification.

Archive:This can store large number of record.when a record is inserted in it compress it and on reading decompress by using zlib library.This engine only allow insert and delete operation.

Federated:This engine manage data from a remote server and no data store in locally.When we use query on local server it automatically execute on remote server.

Blackhole:This engine accept data but not store.this used for testing purpose.

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