How to get started with php


Posted on 22 Dec 15 by Vickey

For get started php you should have basic knowledge of javascript,css and Html.For run php program apache server is needed, you can use wamp xampp or lamp server for php development according to your operation system. If you have window then you will use wamp (window apache mysql php) or if you are working on linux you use lamp (linux apache mysql php) and xampp server works on both operation system.

So lets start with php, once you have install wamp server you need to start this server.By clicking on wamp icon you can start wamp server.If your server has started type localhost in your browser's address bar and hit enter you will see wamp server index page you can use your custom index page here.Without wamp server you can not run your php file so if you want run your php file you need to put your files on wamp server, Lets do this 

Open your c drive >> wamp >> www directory. The www directory is wamp server public directory here php file runs or executes and you see result on browser by url localhost/your filename.php. Thanks I hope this will help you

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